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(B. 1995, Madrid) Lives and works in London, England.

2017,  BA Fine Art Painting at City & Guilds of London Art School, London,  UK


(UPCOMING), Hannah Barry Gallery, October, London, UK, 2024

Rite of PassagePresentation at Vacancy Gallery, May 2024

Lady Into Fox, Solo exhibition at Sebastian Bertrand Gallery, November 2023


Fever of Happiness, Palazzo Monti, Brescia, IT, 2023

Femme a la Toilette, Miart, Sebastien Bertrand Gallery, Milan, IT, 2023

A Change (Would Do You Good), Hannah Barry Gallery, May, London, UK, 2022

Las Soledades, Steve Turner, February, LA, USA, 2022

I saw Something Else Under The Sun, Sebastien Bertrand Galerie, September, Geneva, Switzerland, 2021


All The Small Things, Soup Gallery, London, UK, 2023

Illuminations, Curator, Steve Turner Gallery, LA, USA, 2023

Dreaming Of Eden, Timothy Taylor Gallery, NY, USA, 2023


Beyond the Veil, Guts Gallery, London, UK, 2023

Night Light, Cob Gallery, London, UK, 2023

Pounding the Pavement, Galeria Pelaires - September, Mallorca, ES, 2022

New Mythologies, Huxley Parlour - August, London, UK, 2022


Portraiture: An Ongoing Story, Sebastien Bertrand Galerie, June- Geneve, CH, 2022

An Ode To Orlando, Pi Artworks - February, London, UK, 2022

Run With The Wolves, Lawrie Shabibi Galerie - November, Dubai, UAE, 2021

Tree and Leaf, Hannah Barry Gallery - November, London, UK

Les Dances Nocturnes, East Contemporary - July,  Entrevaux, FR, 2021

Old Friends, New Friends, Collective Ending - March, London, UK, 2021



Interview by Naomi Rea, Artnet, June 2023


Radio Interview, Now Nancy, Soho Radio, May 2023

The Renaissance Reborn,  Financial Times, December 2022


Issue 12, American Chordata, September 2022

Who Were the Starts of Seul?, Artnet, September 2022


Editor's Pick, The Editorial Magazine, June 2022

Featured Exhibition, The Shock of the Now, June 2022

What To See This London Gallery Weekend Frieze Magazine, May 2022


Top 5 London Gallery Weekend FAD Magazine, May 2022


Interview DATEAGLE ART, May 2022


Surreal Visions of Solitude through Religious Iconography Artsy, March 2022


Voices For Justice Auction Human Rights Watch December 2021

A Feast For The Eye FAD Magazine, December 2021

Artist Spotlight: Natalia Gonzalez Martin  Booooooom,  July 2021

Interview It's Nice That, April 2021

Podcast Episode The Artist Contemporary, March 2021

Floorr Magazine Issue 19 - Artist Interview, April -  London, UK, 2019

London Nocturnal Art Festival Frieze Magazine, June 2018


Galerie Sebastian Bertrand

Hannah Barry Gallery


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